pro Fit 7.0 public beta

Current beta version: 7.0.0 B10



Note: This beta version is only available to users who have purchased pro Fit 6.2. The final version of pro Fit 7.0 will be free for anyone who purchased pro Fit 6.2 since January 1, 2014. Upgrades will be available for all other current 6.2 users.

Also, please note that this is beta software. As such, the likelihood for the application to contain major issues is larger than for regular software. Hence, be carefule. We do not recommend to use beta quality software on production systems.


What's new in version 7.0.0?

Welcome to pro Fit 7. We have rebuilt pro Fit from the ground up to complete the transition to cocoa and the latest Mac OS X technologies. We have done this while trying to avoid a total break with the past, and we believe we have succeeded with maintaining familiar paradigms and functionalities for current users. However, some things needed to take on a slightly new shape, and during the rewrite process we also added several new features. This document is a short summary of the main differences between pro Fit 7 and the previous versions.

Windows and Documents

Like its predecessors, pro Fit 7 uses several different kinds of documents (text documents for scripts or function definitions; data; drawings/plots) that appear in three different kind of windows. The appearance of the windows has been modified as part of the transition to the new Mac OS X technologies we are now using, and there are some general new functionalities:


Drawing windows and the way their content is edited have undergone the most changes in pro Fit 7.


Working with data remains essentially unchanged. Some minor upgrades include:

Text Documents

Text windows now use the latest text editing engine of MacOS.

Improved support for unicode.

Other notable new features

pro Fit 7 supports several new features. Here is a list of the most important ones.

Sandboxing note

Since pro Fit 7 is sandboxed, it cannot access files outside its application container (under ~/Library/Containers/com.quansoft.profit) without explicit user permission. Therefore:

More information

This information can also be found by clicking "What's new" in the welcome screen.

System requirements

pro Fit 7.0 has been designed for MacOS X 10.9. It has not been tested on any earlier versions of MacOS X.

Bug reports

We release pro Fit beta versions in order to obtain comments from our users. These will help us to improve the final product. So, if you observe any problems with the beta or if you have proposals for its improvement, please send a message to or go to our bug report page.

Important notes

Beta versions of any type of program have been known to contain serious bugs that affect the integrity of the computer they are being run on. Hence, our lawyers tell us to tell you this: do not use this beta version on a computer containing critical data.

This beta version is time limited. Make sure to check regularly for the release of newer beta versions. Any user who bought pro Fit 6.2 since June 1, 2014 will get a free upgrade to the final version of pro Fit 7.0. If you have bought pro Fit 6.2 before June 1, 2014, you are entitled to obtain an upgrade for a reduced fee.

The documentation included in the present beta version has not yet been updated completely.