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This is the home page of QuantumSoft, the developers of pro Fit.

pro Fit is a macOS application for data/function analysis, plotting, and curve fitting. It is used by scientists, engineers and students to analyze their measurements and the mathematical models they use to describe them.

You can define any mathematical function and use it to model your data, finding the function parameters that best describe your observations. A vast number of tools allow the mathematical and statistical analysis and processing of functions and data sets, and you can produce esthetically pleasing graphical representations for your scientific reports.

This site provides further information, downloads and support for pro Fit.

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pro Fit 7.0.19 released (16 March 2022)

The latest maintenance release, providing a number of bug fixes and improvements. This is a recommended update for all users of pro Fit 7.0. Go get it. It is free for all pro Fit 7 users.

We have set up a new online store with FastSpring. (11 August 2016)

pro Fit can be purchased here starting now.

pro Fit 7.0 released (03 July 2015)

This is the full version of pro Fit 7.0, offering several new features. It is free for anyone who purchased pro Fit 6.2 since January 1, 2014. Upgrades for a reduced fee are available for all other current 6.2 users.

pro Fit 6.2.16 released (19 January 2015)

This release corrects minor bugs and improves compatibility with macOS 10.10.1. See the release notes for more details. 6.2.16 is a free upgrade for all users of pro Fit 6.2 and works with the same registration codes. Download it from our downloads page.

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